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Anchor, Joe Biden has a Pod, Morning Consult Data

Anchor Raises $10M in Series A. So, I would have titled this item as “Another Fundraise,” but I did that the last time, and really there’s no telling how many more there is to come. Not any more at this point, anyhow.

The once-buzzy social audio platform that seeks to “democratize the creation and consumption of audio” — more so than it is right now, I suppose — has bucked the trend of investment money being funneled into primary podcast businesses and secured $10 million of its own, bringing its overall funding volume to $15 million. The Series A round, led by Google Ventures (or GV), includes the return of Accel, Betaworks (which has also invested in Gimlet), Eniac Ventures, and The Chernin Group (where former Midroll CEO Adam Sachs now calls home) as participants, along with Homebrew, Atlantic Records’ CEO Craig Kallman, and author Nir Eyal as new contributors…