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“Can someone be too thoughtful? Nick might be. But that’s what makes Hot Pod so indispensable for people who care about podcasting — Nick has already done all the thinking for you, and then some.”

Max Linsky, co-host of the Longform Podcast

“Beyond the valuable insider news, Nick’s interpretation of what is happening in the podcast industry is spot on.  He not only gives us the nitty gritty but he artfully crafts a narrative of the shift we are experiencing.”

Kerri Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer of Public Radio Exchange (PRX)

“Hot Pod is truly the only place to find reliable information on the burgeoning podcast industry. Nick knows everything there is to know about this weird niche world. He runs the thing like a gossip rag in the best way, building relationships with sources and reporting on issues that everyone in the podcast world is talking about but no one is writing about.

In this so-called golden age of podcasts Hot Pod has become an invaluable resource to any of us who want to be in the know, and it’s the only newsletter I read all the way to the end every week.”

Jenna Weiss-Berman, Director of Audio at BuzzFeed

“Hot Pod has quickly become my must-read industry journal for podcasting. I credit myself for rocketing Nick into the stratosphere with his appearance on my own podcast, The Wolf Den, widely considered the best podcast about podcasts in the world.“

Adam Sachs, CEO at Midroll Media

“Hot Pod is a MUST READ for anyone in the Podcast industry.  Using his legion of sources, Nick does a great job of documenting and analyzing our bubbling ecosystem.  He recognizes this dynamic moment in media history and, with irreverence and passion, reports and speculates on the significance of it all in a way that incites conversation and debate across the industry.  I always come away from the newsletter with something valuable.  If only he’d let me turn it into a podcast and sell ads in it :-)”

Sarah van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer at Acast


“…a gossipy rundown of everything you’d ever want to know about the podcast world.”

Nikki Silva of The Kitchen Sisters, in the New York Times